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Our display stands are issued on loan to customers free of charge, the payment is a deposit. 

Once you have ordered 8 times with us, you can apply for a refund of your deposit for the stand.

Simply call or send us an email on 01992 478080 / sales@buzzsweets.co.uk

You will then be given a full refund on your next order. You are only eligible for a refund if you have placed 8 individual orders. 


This stand holds 24 Varieties of Philon Nut Bags. 

It has 3 Hooks wide and 8 Rows down. 

Each hook will hold a full box (12 packets). 


The stand will hold a total of 288 Packets.

Stand Frame Dimensions are:

134.3cm High

29.5cm Width

29.5 cm Deep


The total width of the stand when stocked with packets pay increase slightly by a few centimeters, so its worth considering when measuring a space.