Buzz Sweets – 9 Personalised Sweets That Will Make Your Child’s Lunchbox Pop

Summer holidays have come and gone and it is yet another moment to grapple with a changed schedule and a new routine. It is also the time for children to meet new people, make new friends, and learn new things.
This period is usually a very stressful one for parents, especially mothers because there’s this constant worry about which honeyed sweetened treats would be suitable to include in their children’s lunchboxes that would be enticing enough to motivate them every day for school, because whether you like it or not, children just love treats.
Buzz Sweets offers sweet strawberry varieties and many more sweet treats for any child who is a lover of sweets and those with specific tastes; Buzz Sweets offers dairy-free desserts, gluten-free desserts, and much more. Rest assured no one is left out. These sweet treats will have your child looking forward to the next day at school. Hop on this school buzz for a ride into the wonderful world of buzz sweets.
Buzz Sweets themed Sweets:

One of Buzz Sweets personalised sweets that will rekindle your child's love for school
Treats that look playful, colourful and shaped like school supplies and toys are a delight kids would love to have in their lunchboxes. Buzz Sweets offers a variety of themed sweets that will have your child drooling and looking forward to every day at school.
1. Mega Rainbow Pencils: These colourful rainbow pencils will surely get your child’s attention every time. They are always a popular choice thanks to their strawberry flavour and soft bite! Packed with delicious fruit flavour and a sweet fondant centre. These multi-coloured pocket money treats are bound to be a hit with your young ones.
2. Buzz Sweets Strawberry Pencils: Come and discover Buzz Sweets’ brand of Strawberry Pencils! There are strawberry liquorice tubes, enrobing a soft sweet fondant centre. These are beautiful red-coloured sweets that your kids would love. They are long and shaped like pencils, easy to hold and are bite-sized. There are themed colourful sweets that your kids will love
3. Buzz Sweets Fizzy Strawberry Laces: Buzz Sweets own brand of Fizzy Strawberry Laces! These delights are strawberry liquorice laces covered in a delicious layer of tangy fizzy sugar!
Buzz Sweets Personalised fruit snacks:

Peach rings candy which are also dairy-free desserts your kids will love
Buzz Sweets offers a myriad of sweet snacks. These sweet treats are just the option for your child’s lunchbox
4. Buzz Sweets Strawberries: These Buzz Sweets' very own strawberry sweets are enchanting foamy treats shaped like juicy strawberries and coated with a sweet layer. They produce a savoury and irresistible strawberry flavour sensation with every bite. They are soft and chewy and can satisfy the sweet tooth of any child. Plus, there are the choicest dairy-free desserts every child would love.
5. Buzz Sweets Sour Apples: These are super refreshing and mouth-watering treats for apple lovers! These delightful apple gummies offer a perfect balance of sweet and sour flavours, coated with an irresistible layer of sugar. So tangy and fruity! The best part? They are completely vegan!
6. Buzz Sweets Peach Rings: Buzz Sweets peach ring candies are a delight no one can afford to miss out. They are a beloved best seller in Buzz Sweets’ collection of sweets. These delightful treats are bursting with the irresistible flavour of juicy peaches. They are not only mouth-watering, but they are equally visually appealing, a quality that can make any child crave more. They are dairy-free and have no artificial flavours. Each bite delivers a peachy taste that will have your child coming for more.
Buzz Sweets Creative Sweets:

Mushroom type of sweet that will inspire your child to wake up every day!
Buzz sweets can surely help you to bring out the creativity in your child by offering you the sweetest treats no matter how many taste buds your child has.
7. Buzz Sweets Dolly Mix: Buzz Sweets' Dolly Mix brings you a delightful assortment of multi-coloured fondant shapes, including cubes and cylinders, with subtle flavours. This mixture combines small, soft sweets and sugar-coated jellies not only for a delightful treat but also as a means of boosting your child’s creativity and ability to recognise shapes.
8. Buzz Sweets Fizzy Blues: These Buzz Sweets' most popular sweets are vibrant blue and pink treats boasted by a bubblegum flavour that will delight your taste buds.
Don't settle for ordinary sweets when you can enjoy the tangy and fizzy goodness of Buzz Sweets' Fizzy Blues. Try them today and indulge in the sweetness!
9. Buzz Sweets Mushrooms: These are classic mushroom-shaped sweets. Let your child discover that nostalgic taste of sweetness. Treat your child to the charming simplicity of Buzz Sweets' Mushrooms.
It won’t feel tedious if you heed our advice. Log onto the Buzz Sweets site right now and order your pack of personalised, themed sweets for your child and make his/her school days happy!


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