Increase Your Business Profits with Buzz Sweets' Bulk Buying Secrets

Calling all confectioners and store owners buying bulk from Buzz has never been easier. We’ve been serving store owners, patrons and confectioners bulk for decades we’ve also picked up one or two hints tips on the way this is why Buzz has become buying sweets in bulk is very profitable for business. You can also negotiate with suppliers to get bigger discounts. Apart from that, buying in bulk can reduce shipping costs and save expenses.

Purchasing wholesale at Buzz, you will get more discounts and more affordable prices compared to other suppliers. Apart from that, for shop owners you will get free shipping for purchases of more than 20 items specifically for the UK area.
Follow the secrets of buying in bulk to increase profits and take your business to the next level. Buzzsweets itself has a variety of products ranging from gummy bears, lollipops, chocolate candy and various flavors. There are several reasons

Why you have to buy in bulk?

  • Cost effective: because buying in bulk will get a cheaper price than buying individual packages.
  • Reduce shipping costs: When you buy in bulk quantities, you can reduce shipping costs because fewer deliveries will be required.
  • Fewer order quantities: When buying in bulk quantities you no longer need to buy repeatedly, which will save administrative costs and save time buying and tracking orders.

Strategy Buy in bulk

When you want to increase profits in your business by buying in bulk, there are several strategies you can apply to get the best price and manage your inventory efficiently.

  • Plan what you want to buy: Before you start buying in large quantities, make a list of the types and quantities of sweets you need. This will help you stay focused and avoid impulse purchases.
  • Check the Expiration Date: Always choose sweets that have a long expiration date because otherwise the sweets you buy may no longer be edible because no one has bought them or they expire too quickly.
  • Choose the right storage: Make sure you have the right storage container to keep your wholesale sweets good and maintain the quality so that the taste and color do not change. You can choose a container that can be re-sealed or one that is airtight.
  • Choose a variety of sweets: Don't limit yourself to just one type of sweet, you can try various types of sweets to attract customers.
  • Don't exceed your budget: Even though buying in large quantities or wholesale can save your budget, don't be easily lulled into increasing the number of sweets you want to buy until you exceed your budget.

How To Order

Both individuals and businesses can use our website to order.
If you trade with one of the retail groups we are partnered with you can contact us for authorization for you to pay through the group, and you will not have to pay at checkout.

The advantage of joining as our partner, you will get our display stands are attractive and eye-catching, space efficient (1 foot depth, 1 foot wide and 5 foot high), and price marked for a quick sale.

(Price on Return)
59p Kids Bags POR = 29%
£1 Share Packs POR= 31%

Apart from that, our representative will visit your shop to check the stock and arrange the right stock according to what the shop needs and will send it directly to the shop. Especially for shops located in the catchment area, you can contact us to request a visit from us by submitting the form.

If you need any help, or have any questions at all, please contact us by telephone or email on: 01992 478080 or

We are a major brand in the independent retail market and are recognized for our unique high quality and excellent value for money. With a huge variety of products, we supply the best sweets in the UK, as said by our consumers & retailers!

By following the steps above you can increase your business profits in selling sweets and raise the level of your business. Follow social media and subscribe to your email to get the latest information and tips from Buzzsweets.



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