Perfect Buzz Pancakes!!

With pancake day rapidly approaching, it’s always better to be prepared! Here at Buzz Sweets, we have compiled the classic and some funky pancake recipes to test out with your friends and family! 

Classic Pancakes!

Whether you love the classic british style pancake or the fluffy american version, toppings such as lemon and sugar, nutella spread and bananas or even the much loved strawberries and cream are always a hit! 
Well, why not spice up your favorites with a little extra treat on the side? Pairing Buzz Sweets with your pancakes this holiday for an added Buzz! 
Highly recommended is our strawberry & cream foamy gummies alongside a plate of strawberry and cream pancakes! Or why not try some chocolate peanuts or raisins in your nutella spread for added textures! Or for some added mouth watering zing, throw in a couple of super sour sweets into your lemon and sugar pancakes! The combinations are endless with tastes just waiting to be discovered!

Buzzin Syrups

Something we have tried and tested for some time now, Buzz Sweet syrups!! Almost all gummy sweets can be used to make this recipe, however we have found the cherry colas to be the most delicious! 
If you don’t want to put gummies into your pancakes, which to be honest, can absolutely ruin a hot frying pan. Then try out this recipe now! Combining your favorite sweets into a flavorsome syrup to spread atop your pancakes!!! 
To make this syrup, simply take equal parts gummy and equal parts maple syrup. Combine them together in a microwave safe dish and blast for 20-30 seconds on high.
Once removed from the microwave, give your concoction a quick stir to release the flavours. Then, pour this mixture through a sieve to remove all the larger unmelted sweets and the thicker parts of the mix. 
You should now be left with a semi sticky syrup, perfect for pouring onto your pancakes!!


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