The Science of Sour: Why We Love Sour Candy

“Candy is sour and sour is candy” a phrase no candy lover can dispute. The fascinating world of sour candies keeps on growing as more and more people are drawn to the wonderful splendour mix of sour and sweet.

Exploring the science behind what makes them so irresistible. will be the main objective of this blog as we go behind the scenes to uncover the true story of how sour candies came to be.

From the chemistry of sour taste to the art of balancing sweetness and acidity, we'll uncover the secrets that make our sour sweets so uniquely delicious.

What is the chemistry behind sour sweets?

Sour taste is caused by acids like citric acid, malic acid, and tartaric acid. These acids have a lot of hydrogen ions. When we eat sour candy, the hydrogen ions in the candy touch the taste receptors on our tongues.

This sends a signal to our brains that makes us feel the sour taste. The more hydrogen ions there are, and the type of acid used, the more sour the taste will be and this sometimes may make your tongue hurt.

For example, our Buzz Sweets Sour Apples contain citric acid which is usually more sour than malic acid because it has more hydrogen ions.

What is The Role of pH in Sour Taste

Think of pH like a sourness metre for stuff we taste. The more sour something is, the lower its pH. For example the Buzz Sweets Super Sour Worms are so sour and therefore tend to have a lower pH value.

It’s like a game where the lower the score, the more sour you are! That’s why lemons and limes taste so sour.

They have a lot of sour stuff called citric and malic acids, which makes their pH low. This sure does make your tongue go wild but grab these 3 simple ways to heal your tongue after eating sour candy.

How does Buzz Balance Between Sweetness and Acidity

Sour candies are like a see-saw. On one side, you have sourness, and on the other, you have sweetness. On one side of the see-saw, we have the sour taste, which comes from things like citric acid. This gives the candy its tangy kick.

On the other side, we have sweetness, which is all thanks to sugar. Sugar acts like a friendly mediator in this playground. It steps in to balance out the strong sourness, smoothing it into a taste that’s just right and enjoyable.

Without sugar, the candy is too sour and not very pleasant to eat. That is why as Buzz Sweets we go ahead to add sweet fruity flavours like we have the Buzz Sweets Sour Blue Raspberry Slices.

What Is The Secret Recipe For Sour Sweets At Buzz

At Buzz Sweets making sour candies is a fun kitchen experiment. We add things like citric acid, which is safe to eat, to make the candy’s like the have a sour taste.

We also use yummy stuff like fruit juices to give the candy its flavour. We have the Buzz Sweets Sour Blue Raspberry Hearts - a heart-shaped lollie which bursts with delicious raspberry flavour and the Buzz Sweets Sour Blue Strawberry Hearts - These delightful sweets boast a tantalising blend of a juicy jelly strawberry top and a soft, enjoyable foam bottom.

But the real trick is getting the mix of sweet and sour just right. It’s like a seesaw, it has to be balanced. When it’s done right, eating the candy is a fun ride of sweet and sour tastes!

The Buzz Sour Sweets Collections

Lots of people love sour candies. They’re special because they’re a bit like a science experiment in your mouth! The sour taste comes from something called pH. The lower the pH, the more sour the candy. So, when you taste a tasty candy spray like the Buzz XL Mega Sour Spray, you’re actually tasting science!

There are all kinds of sour candies out there. Some people like really sour ones like Buzz Sweets Super Sour Fruits, while others prefer Buzz Sweets Fizzy Sour Worms. But no matter what kind you like, there’s something really fun about a good sour candy.

At Buzz Sweets, we love making all kinds of sour candies. We even have ones that are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and halal. So, no matter what you like, we’ve got a sour candy for you.

So, go ahead, visit our all new Buzz Sweets Sour Sweets collection try some sour candy and taste the science with in every mix of sweet sour.


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