Top 4 Dairy-Free Sweets In UK

The demand for dairy-free sweets in the UK is becoming increasingly popular, with the upward trend highlighting more people seeking alternatives to traditional sweets that do not contain dairy. Following this, Buzzsweets has been the industry's leading dairy-free producer, offering a wide range of dairy-free confectionery products. Let us immediately dive into it;

Buzz Sweets Fizzy Dummies : Buzz Sweets' Fizzy Dummies are the perfect choice for those who love fizzy sweets! These adorable dummy-shaped jelly treats offer a delightful fruity flavour with a tangy twist. Each bite is enhanced by a sour sugar coating that adds an exciting burst of taste. Indulge in the satisfying combination of fruity sweetness and fizzy sensations as you enjoy these delightful treats.

Buzz Sweets Fizzy Dummies | Kids Bags

Buzz Sweets Hard Gums : These classic American treats offer a soft and chewy texture, bursting with a variety of flavours and vibrant colours. Each piece is coated in a delectable layer of sugar, adding an extra touch of sweetness to every bite. Indulge in the nostalgic charm of these Hard Gums, perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth.

Buzz Sweets Hard Gums | Share Pack

Buzz Sweets Strawberries : These delightful foamy treats are shaped like juicy strawberries and coated with a sweet layer. Savour the irresistible strawberry flavour with every bite. These soft and chewy sweets offer a delightful fruity taste that is sure to please your taste buds. Buzz Sweets' Strawberries are a great choice for those who prefer dairy-free options, allowing everyone to enjoy their deliciousness without any concerns.


Buzz Sweets Strawberries | Share Pack

Buzz Sweets Gummy Bears : Buzz Sweets' own brand of Gummy Bears is a worldwide favourite! These small, fruity gummy bears are a delightful and enjoyable treat that appeals to all ages. Savour the explosion of fruity flavours with every gummy bear, carefully crafted using top-notch ingredients to ensure an ideal texture and genuine taste.

Buzz Sweets Gummy Bears | Kids Bags

Buzz Sweets showcases an extensive range of sweets which don't contain any animal milk, gluten, or other allergens that you can find here.


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