Bulk Sweets!

Buzz Sweets has just launched our very own 1KG bulk bags! But other than running your very own pick & mix sweet businesses, what else can you do with bulk bags of sweets? Well, we have some tasty ideas just for you!

Classic candy hampers are a fantastic gift idea for birthdays and christmas! With our bulk bags of sweets, you can load up your hampers with your recipients favourite sweets! Either in the bulk bags they come in, or you can purchase a pretty Victorian jar or container!
Large Glass Jar of Jelly Beans (1 litre) - SweetsDirect.co.za
Candy Cones!
Make your own fully personalised mixes of sweets in bulk, then disperse those mixes into handy candy cones! Add ribbons, stickers and labels to fully match any theme and to any personality. 
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Parties & Events!
Disperse your bulk bags into adorable containers, jars or bowls to make the perfect candy table at any event! Buy blue or pink sweets for a baby shower, hearts for weddings and anniversaries, fruits for jungle themes, the possibilities are endless! 
9 of the Best Candy Buffet Ideas for Your Next Party - Honey + Lime
Pick & Mix Stands!
Start your own small business, pick & mix stands at events are always popular! As well as offering custom mixes and pre-made bags! Remember to have all the necessary licenses and certificates though! 
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