Dietary Inclusive Halloween!

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to get stocked up and prepared for the oncoming entourage of Trick Or Treaters!

However, it is now more important than ever to consider dietary needs. So we here at Buzz Sweets have made this super nifty, handy dandy, guide to our dietary inclusive sweets!

Our range of Buzz Sweets come in individual packets of 39p, 59p and £1 bags varying in sizes. Perfect for handing out to the little ghosts and goblins who come knocking! However, if you are more creative and fancy a night of fun, why not grab a few of our bulk bags and novelty sweets and create some more personal candy cones and pick and mixes! 

Listed below are just some of our awesome products, but more are available! So, you can also see our handy dietary logos under each product! Just look out for these!


2020 saw a huge rise in veganism, with over 1.5 million people now converted! Heres a tasty selection of some of the Vegan friendly products we offer!

Super refreshing Apple Gummies! A sweet and sour treat, coated in a mouth watering sour sugar!
These dummy shaped jelly sweets have a delicious fruity flavour and a sour sugar coating! These sweets are an absolute must for all fizzy sweet lovers out there!
Every single Lollipop we sell, manufactured by Vidal, are completely Vegan! There are a ton of flavours and types to choose from but please be aware, some do contain a bubblegum centre which may not be safe for all ages!
Who doesn't remember enjoying a Swizzels Original Double Dip as a child? Orange and cherry flavour fizz dips with a swizzelstick, a Swizzels classic sweet. These will make a great addition to your pocket money range for children, you'll most likely have some adults buying them too!


Buzz Sweets brand sweets are currently experimenting with ingredients and working towards providing Halal sweets, maybe one day in the future! But for now, we stock a range of Halal novelty sweets!
Loved by generations, the Chupa Chups Melody Pops are not only a tasty strawberry lollipop but also a musical instrument! More than just a sweet, treat your loved ones to the tunes of tastiness! 
Toxic Waste Red might sound like a dreadful name for a sweet, but its name and presentation contributes firmly to its astounding and ongoing success. Toxic Waste sour candy is a big seller. Children love to challenge their friends to see how long they can suck one of these challenging sweets for - not very long in general! 
Stocked in a range of flavours- Strawberry, Cherry, Orange and Apple! Chewy and delicious flavoured sticks of taffy!
Swizzels Stinger are the cheekiest chew bars on the planet! A delicious tutti frutti flavour chew bar with a fizzy centre.

Gluten Free!

Whether you need to avoid gluten for medical reasons, or wish to avoid it, we got you covered with our amazing range of Buzz Sweets!!
A double layer of creamy strawberry gummy, coated in a sweet sugar!
If you love the summery taste of watermelon you're going to love these chunky super sour watermelon gummy slices! Covered in a layer of mouth watering sour sugar with a chewy texture.
One of the most popular sweets we stock! They come in a beautiful vibrant blue and pink colour, with an impeccable bubblegum flavour!
Strawberry twist gummies are delicious and refreshing sweets that are red and white in colour and have red swirls throughout them.
Be sure to browse through all our products! As there is definitely more available! Just look out for our handy dietary logos!
Be sure to take a look at our delivery options too, and if you have any questions, the Buzz Sweets team will be happy to help. Simply get in touch!



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