Indulge in Buzz Sweets New Product: Buzz XL Sour Spray

Time and time again, the confectionery industry introduces new ways for consumers to enjoy sweet and candy products. One such confectionery is Buzz Sweets which is loved by many for its inclusivity and diverse products which everybody can enjoy without worry. Buzz continues to introduce more products to its catalogue and one such is the Buzz XL Sour Spray. A colossal candy spray with a sweet and sour touch to it mixed with an assortment of flavours.

The XL Sour Candy sweet spray comes in an extra large spray bottle that contains a liquid candy that's designed to be sprayed directly into the mouth. The candy has an mild sour flavour with a mix of sweetness that's meant to provide a quick and intense burst of sour-sweet flavour. The packaging features bright and bold colours, which adds to the fun and playful nature of the candy spray.

Candy sprays are a must have novelty sweet treat, the perfect addition to kids party bags and themed events.

What makes the Buzz XL Sour Spray Different?

From its name Buzz XL Sour Spray, means that our product stands out for its extra large size, combined with the sweet and sour flavours, this spray will give you an unending delicious candy feeling in your taste buds. Its unique structure and spray technique brings convenience to you as you indulge in the splash of joy from every squeeze.

How do you consume the Buzz XL Sour Spray?

The Buzz XL Sour Spray is designed to be sprayed directly into the mouth for an instant burst of flavour. Now you are not limited to the use as it can creatively be used as a topping for your desserts and cocktails to add a unique twist to your favourite dish.

Is the Buzz XL Sour Spray Suitable for Dietary Restriction?

Yes, absolutely. It has always been Buzz’s ultimate goal to include all who have a sweet tooth but have dietary restrictions to a world where they also can enjoy the crafty works of confectioners without worry. The Buzz XL Sour Spray is suitable for all dietary preferences, from dairy-free to gluten-free and is a big time favourite for vegans.

Is the Buzz XL Sour Spray Sweets Vegan-Friendly?

Yes, the Buzz XL Sour Spray sweets are vegan friendly and they are perfect for our vegetarian community. Would you like to know more about sweets that are vegetarian friendly? Click here to read our vegetarian blog and join the buzz vegetarian community.

Which Flavours Does Buzz XL Sour Spray Have?

Buzz does not play when it comes to flavours. Our XL Sour candy spray offers a delightful mix of sweet and sour flavours that leave your taste buds begging for more. The XL Sour Spray candy flavours include watermelon, raspberry, strawberry and the classic cola each delivering a burst of sweetness with a hint of sourness in every spray.

How Long Does The Buzz XL Sour Spray Last Once Opened?

This spray candy has a very long shelf life and does not need refrigerations. We do however recommend for you to enjoy it fully at optimal freshness and taste, please consume it within a reasonable timeframe after opening.

Where can I purchase the Buzz XL Sour Spray?

Ready to embark on this sweet adventure? Buzz XL Spray is now available, and your taste buds are calling for it. Click that order button, slide into our candy kingdom, and get ready for a flavor fiesta like no other!


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