Indulge in Buzz Sweets New Product: Buzz Candy Ketchup

Buzz Sweets making the world a better place one sweet to another. Yet again today we have launched a sensational yet still classy sweet for all the sour-sweet lovers called the Buzz Candy Ketchup.

Yes, candy ketchup. Imagine a world where candy meets ketchup and a perfect duo is made ready to bring an all time great sweet and sour flavour to your pallet. A world where for every Buzz lollie you buy, you add a little candy ketchup or as we like to call them candy liquids on top and take your taste buds on an unending journey of a burst of taste and a mixture of flavour all in one lick.

The buzz candy ketchup comes in a case of 18 candy liquids with each having two lollipops. It does not end there, the case has a variety of flavours including strawberry, orange, apple, lemon, cherry, pineapple and cola making them suitable for a wide range of sweet preferences.

Are these Buzz Candy Ketchup Sweets Vegan-Friendly?

Yes, the Buzz Candy Ketchup sweets are vegan friendly and they are perfect for our vegetarian community. Would you like to know more about sweets that are vegan friendly? Click here to read our vegan blog and join the buzz vegetarian community.

Are Buzz Candy Ketchup Sweets dairy-free?

The good news is that this sweet is free from dairy products, so it is safe to be enjoyed by those who are allergic or intolerant to lactose. Would you like to know more about our dairy-free sweets? Click here to read our dairy-free blog and join the dairy-free community and get notified when we launch new dairy-free products.

How do you consume the Buzz Candy Ketchup?

The Buzz Candy Ketchup can be enjoyed in multiple ways. It can be added as a fun topping when enjoying some of your Buzz treats like lollies. Some people do prefer squeezing the ketchup onto their tongues or directly in their mouths for a quick kick of its sour sweet flavour. Ultimately, unending are the ways that you can enjoy the Buzz Candy Ketchup, so feel free to grab your pack today to experiment and have fun with it.

How to get the Buzz Candy Ketchup?

Ready to embark on this sweet adventure? Buzz Candy Ketchup is now available and your taste buds are calling for it. Click this link, slide into our candy kingdom, and get ready for a flavor fiesta like no other!


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