Gluten-Free Sweets UK

The gluten-free movement is growing and gaining momentum day after day in the UK. This has heavily transformed the culinary world challenging even the confectioneries to embrace inclusivity. One such confectionery is Buzz Sweets which caters to almost all dietary restrictions from vegans to dairy-free.

At Buzz, the joy of sweets knows no bounds, even for those who are gluten-free. In this blog we delve into the top 3 gluten-free sweets that the gluten-free community at Buzz Sweets enjoys. So stick around till the end if you would love to join the community.

What Kind of Candy Is Gluten-Free?

Naturally, most classic candies are gluten-free but at Buzz Sweets time has been taken to perfect the flavour, colour and size. The company has a wide array of products for its gluten-free community that include;

Buzz Sweets Jelly Babies - These sweet sugar coated candies perfectly shaped like chubby babies have found delight since their inception in the UK. With a delicate coating of sugar powder enhanced with fruity flavours these jelly babies will have you begging for more.

Buzz Sweets Chocolate Peanuts - These tasty snacks have a thick layer of good-quality chocolate that chocolate lovers will adore. Get the perfect mix of sweet and savoury in each crispy bite of these peanuts covered in smooth chocolate. Buzz Sweets' chocolate covered peanuts have a delicious taste and a satisfying crunch that's simply irresistible.

Buzz Sweets Super Sour Worms - These gummy worms come in a mix of fruit flavours covered in an extra sour coating, that bring a thrilling burst of taste that will have you reaching for more. Brace yourself for a tangy journey with these dairy-free, gluten-free super sour worms with every bite packed with a delightful blend of fruit flavours and a satisfying sour punch.

What Makes A Sweet Gluten-Free?

As the name suggests, gluten-free candy is typically any type of sweet that does not contain gluten. In a gluten-free diet, individuals avoid foods and products made from wheat, barley, rye, and their derivatives.

Without compromising taste and flavour, Buzz has perfected the art of gluten-free sweets production with tremendous positive feedback from its community.
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How To Get The Gluten-Free Sweets?

Easy. You can find them at our partner stores near you or conveniently order them online through our website, just click this link to buy the Gluten-Free sweets directly. Come and experience the sweet and sour goodness in every bite without any care of dietary restriction; we can't wait for you to try it


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