Party Sweets and Treats

Here at Buzz we pride ourselves in being that silent, greatest of all time guest that gets invited to all parties. Why? It because we’ve got the right sweet for every meet and greet. We are the Big Ben of parties in UK, from sweet 16 parties, birthday parties and even the special moments of gender reveal & baby showers we hardly miss any parties in this block.

Our array of sweets take the centre stage in every sweet alignment and charcuterie board with sweet and sour flavours, fruity delights of strawberry, raspberry and watermelon to fizzy and non fizzy mix for that tangy and tantalize feel on your taste buds

You have guests with diet restrictions?

Our collection has you covered. Indulge guilt-free with our delicious vegan sweets or satisfy your sweet tooth with our vegetarian sweets options. Those with gluten sensitivities can enjoy our gluten-free sweets, while those observing halal dietary guidelines can indulge in our halal friendly sweet treats.

Are you inviting the whole of UK?

Our bulk buy sweets option makes catering to a crowd as easy as 123. With convenient 1kg bulk bags options, you can stock up on all your favourite treats without worrying about running out because our treats are a munch for sure, ensuring every guest leaves with a smile on their face and a sweet taste in their mouth.

Enough chatter let us dive into the top buzz treats best for parties.

Buzz Candy Ketchup - Yes, candy ketchup. Imagine a world where candy meets ketchup and a perfect duo is made ready to bring an all time great sweet and sour favour to your pallet. A world where for every Buzz lollie you buy, you add a little candy ketchup or as we like to call them candy liquids on top and take your taste buds on an unending journey of a burst of taste and a mixture of flavour all in one lick.

Buzz Mega XL Sour Spray - The XL Candy sweet spray comes in an extra large spray bottle that contains a liquid candy that's designed to be sprayed directly into the mouth. The candy has an mild sour flavour with a mix of sweetness that's meant to provide a quick and intense burst of sour-sweet flavour. This treat is perfect for vegans and dairy-free enthusiasts.

Buzz Sweets Fizzy Mix - Buzz Sweets' Fizzy Mix is the perfect solution for those who can't decide on a single fizzy flavour! Experience a delightful surprise of random fizzy gummies that will quench your thirst for variety. With the fizzy mix, you can enjoy a selection of fizzy gummies that will excite your taste buds with a burst of fruity flavours. From tangy citrus to luscious berries, each bite offers a unique and refreshing experience.

Buzz Sweets Fizzy Cola Bottles - These sweets have the original burst of juicy cola taste with an extra kick of fizziness to them. This delightful tingling sensation makes the sweets so irresistible. These small cola bottle-shaped sweets boast of an incredible original cola taste and a chewy texture that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Ready to sweeten up your next party?

Planning your kids  next party should not be a hard task. Let Buzz do the work for you and make you the MVP of planning birthday parties. Explore our collection page for party sweets and discover the perfect treats to make your event unforgettable. 


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