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We asked most of our fans, what did they feel when Buzz comes to mind? One of the best answers we got was, "I cant help but think about all the sweet moments and cherished feelings that Buzz Sweets brings to my life". This answer definitely deserved something in return and here is the blog for it. Did you know that we have an Amazon marketplace that has been a haven for people to enjoy sweet memories with our buzz treats? Apart from our online store on our website you can also buy Buzz Sweets on our marketplace websites which include Amazon and Ebay.

Buzz Sweets is just a click away, a sweet haven you can trust on for quality sweets, well packaged and delivered at a timely manner. The biggest uptake to this is, if you are a corner shop owners or looking to buy for a kids party or just love you some tubs of sweets next to you, to buy bulk sweets and go for 1kg bag sweets is going to get you the biggest offer which read about in our why you need to buy sweets in bulk blog.

Less chitty chatty and lets us dive in to the real action right now.

Jelly Beans
From holiday celebrations like Christmas and Easter, these tiny, bean-like sweets are a timeless delight that are sure to please your palate. Jelly beans sweets, with their bright hues and explosion of tastes, have won the hearts of both the young and the young-at-heart. These small confections bring an element of joy to any event, be it a birthday bash, a cozy movie evening, or just a little treat to add some sweetness to your day.

Super sour fruits
What happens when you turn fruit flavours to sweets and add a super sour touch to it? You get the Buzz Sweet best seller. At Buzz Sweets, we get it, you like sour stuff. So, we made this Sour Treats Collection for folks who like the sour kick. Each candy, we made it just right, super sour but not too sweet. You’ll enjoy every bite.

Get ready for a wild ride of sour tastes with our candies. From super sour apple to that tangy lemon and more, our candies got all sorts of fruit flavours. Bet you can’t stop at one."

Sour Blue Raspberry Slices
Buzz Sweets got these Sour Blue Raspberry Slices, right. They’re just the thing if you’re into that sweet and sour mix. We pack the raspberry gummy in slices with just the right amount sweet sour sugar on top. It’s a combo that’ll have your mouth watering for more and all with no artificial flavours.

Juicy Strawberries
The charm with strawberries is always undiscovered but it sure gets the ball rolling as a flavour in our sweets. Its red colour, soft texture and fine flavour have inspired us to create an array of strawberry sweets in different shapes and sizes. Our strawberry sweets come in 3 different size; kids bags, share pack and 1kg strawberry bulk bags which are well preferred by corner shop owners. From the strawberry logs to the strawberry swirls and an experience like no other with the fizzy wild strawberry. The juicy strawberry are enjoyed by all strawberry lovers of all ages.

Hard Gums
Hard Gums are sure a timeless classic still bursting in flavour and loved by many. The nostalgic kick in these treats is a feeling like no other. These old-school American sweets are soft and chewy, and each one’s got this yummy sugar coating which makes 'em even sweeter. You gotta try these Hard Gums, they’re like a trip down memory lane. Perfect for when you’re craving something sweet. Restrictions? The American Hard Gums are good for vegetarians and dairy free enthusiasts.

We hope you enjoyed our sweet journey through some of Amazon’s best-selling treats. These candies are more than just sweets; they’re a delightful experience waiting to be discovered. If any of these treats have tickled your taste buds, why not give them a try?

Don’t miss out on these mouthwatering delights. Subscribe to our Amazon listing today and ensure you’re always stocked up on your favourite sweets. Remember, life is short, make it sweet!
Happy snacking!


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