Top 5 Spring Desserts UK

It is the season when nature awakens from its winter slumber, the world bursts into bloom and we welcome spring with open arms as we prepare to indulge in its sweetness . The sun is out for long so let's enjoy the tasty Buzz spring dessert treats even longer with flavours that are sure to tingle your taste buds.

From colourful strawberry and raspberry candies to fruity delights of apple and watermelon sweets with fizzy & non fizzy choices and sour sweets. Dietary restrictions? This does not stop us. We have vegan friendly, vegetarian sweets, dairy-free, gluten free and more.

Our spring sweets collection offers a delicious array of Buzz treats from chocolates, sweets to nuts to tantalise your taste buds and brighten up your days. Planning for family and friends? Get our 1kg bulk bags for all types of treats in all flavours.

We have compiled a list of the top spring desserts from our collection so let us immediately dive in;

Buzz Candy Ketchup - Yes, candy ketchup. Imagine a world where candy meets ketchup and a perfect duo is made ready to bring an all time great sweet and sour favour to your pallet. A world where for every Buzz lollie you buy, you add a little candy ketchup or as we like to call them candy liquids on top and take your taste buds on an unending journey of a burst of taste and a mixture of flavour all in one lick.

Buzz Mega XL Sour Spray - The XL Candy sweet spray comes in an extra large spray bottle that contains a liquid candy that's designed to be sprayed directly into the mouth. The candy has an mild sour flavour with a mix of sweetness that's meant to provide a quick and intense burst of sour-sweet flavour. This treat is perfect for vegans and dairy-free enthusiasts.

Buzz Wild and Fizzy Wild Strawberry Sweets - these wonderful treats bring a wonderful delightful combination of texture and taste. They feature a soft and delicious strawberry flavour. These strawberry flavoured sweets are vegetarian friendly. The only difference is that the Fizzy Wild is covered with a layer of fizzy sour sugar.

Buzz Sweets Chocolate Raisins - Buzz Sweets' Chocolate Covered Raisins - the perfect snack that combines the goodness of chewy raisins with a delightful milk chocolate coating! Indulge in the satisfying blend of half fruit and half chocolate with each bite. These raisins are covered in a gorgeous milk chocolate layer, creating a delicious and irresistible treat.

Buzz Sweets Fizzy Cola Bottles - These halal friendly sweets have the original burst of juicy cola taste with an extra kick of fizziness to them. This delightful tingling sensation makes the sweets so irresistible. These small cola bottle-shaped sweets boast of an incredible original cola taste and a chewy texture that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

As we embrace the beauty of spring, let's revel in its splendor and cherish the precious moments it brings. Whether it's sharing these tasteful treats or simply enjoying the treats yourself, these Buzz Spring Sweets are sure to sweeten your springtime adventures. So why wait? Treat yourself to a taste of spring today!


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